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Hello and welcome to Worthing Bluegrass, folk and Americana site. We are a small group of people who get together, once a month, to play Bluegrass music. We meet on the 1st Tuesdays of the month at The Grand Victoria Hotel just outside Worthing Central Station. Pretty much any stringed instrument is welcome, for more info see below. The songs we play are all on this site - you can download them individually or as a PDF file. Each song has an accompanying video.
If you have any questions at all you can get in touch here:
Worthing Bluegrass
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Which Instruments?

Since the music we are playing is Old Time, Bluegrass and Americana there are certain instruments that are traditional. We are happy to have guitars, basses, dobros, fiddles, zithers, autoharps, banjos, dulcimers, harmonicas, mandolins. Singers are also very welcome. If you are not sure or have any questions, please do drop me a line here.
Unfortunately don't need drums, bodhran, brass/wind instruments, accordions, or ukuleles.